Brand Review: British Airways

British Airways seemed to be a brand that most of our panel respected.  Many mentioned that the airlines main selling point was the quality of the service they provide. This is what distinguishes them from budget airlines like Easyjet and Ryaniar.

BA scored an NPS score of -12.05 from panel.


“I do think British Airways are a reliable airline and I will always look to try and find a British Airways flight if it’s long haul.” (Lou, Bristol, 39)

Many of the panel mentioned high prices as an assosiation with British Airways.  However many also mentioned that you get what you pay for and BA do offer a high quality service. Therefore many of the panel suggested that they didn’t mind paying a premium. “The quality is certainly there and I’m quite happy to pay the price.” They also liked the fact that they knew they wouldn’t be any hidden extra charges like with many of the budget airlines.

“British Airways is a brand to me that represents quality above everything else. When I book with them I know that the price will be higher than anything else I’ve found but the price is always transparent and I’m not going to be charged extra for things.” (Siddharth, London, 32)

Many felt that BA represents British values as our countries airline. “British Airways have a really good reputation as the flag carrier of the UK and I think they are doing quite well in the face of competition by focusing on quality.” (Tom, Truro, 25)

Members of the panel had chosen to fly BA for a number of different reasons. Many felt that they were the most reliable airline, offering good flight times with good connections. “I love British Airways. I like that it’s our national airline. I know that if I’m abroad and I’m flying BA I will get back to the UK with priority.” (Cheeragi, Reading, 38)

Some of the panel also mentioned flying with BA because it is the airline that they felt the most safe on. This was due to them having new and updated aircrafts which always have the latest technology.

“The aircrafts are very good, the connectivity is very good, their website is very good.” (Madhur, Windsor, 36)

“The cabin crew are always professional. They are smart, they are polite, friendly, they’re helpful, the planes are nice, the service is smooth. If there are any problems they always sort them out for you.” (Tracey, Newcastle upon Tyne, 43)

Improvements that our panel felt British Airways could make included their food, entertainment and pricing. A few of the panel suggested that the airline should focus on being british with entertainment and food to match this theme.

“On long haul flights entertainment needs an upgrade and I think the food could really be improved.” (Damon, London, 35)

Some also felt that the image of the company was outdated and needed refreshing. People also thought that because of the prices it wasn’t an everyday airline but instead was more suited to corporate flyers with its business class receiving high praise.