Virgin Atlantic

We asked our panels members who have flown with Virgin Atlantic to tell us about their experience with the airline. The majority of the panel had a positive experience with the airline with some panel members finding it hard to find anything to critique the airline on.

“The service on board was fantastic I really can’t knock it. The service at check in was great swell, everything ran to time it was all good, the plane was modern and everything worked well.” (Tom, Truro, 25)

Many felt that although the flights may be on the more expensive side, however you get what you pay for and in Virgin’s case it seemed to be a very good service, with many of the panel commenting on their great customer service experiences with Virgin.

“You get looked after so well, the check in process is really smooth, all the staff are really lovely so I really recommend them to people.” (Daisy, London,27)

Where our panel felt they excelled was with the quality of everything they provided. Many of the panel commented on the places always be the newest models with the best inflight services available .

“They offer a very good service, their flights are comfortable, their inflight meals are good and their inflight entertainment is the best.” (Rob, Strewsbury, 24)

A smaller number of the panel had not had such a positive experience with Virgin Atlantic. Complaints with the brand included over priced tickets, horrible food on board the plane and rude air hostesses. The main complaint was to do with the staff who a number of the panel had bad experiences with.

“I’m not really a massive fan of Virgin Atlantic, I’ve flown with them several times…the seats are far too small you are some cramped in and also the flight hostess was really really rude.” (Kat, Tonbridge,25)