Brand Review: Paypal

We asked our panel to review the Brand Paypal and to tell us about their experiences with the payment brand. Paypal was talked about very favourably by the panel with it gaining a respectable NPS score of 44.68

“My view of Paypal is that it’s very convent, very secure and trustworthy.” (John, Belvedere, 39)


Paypal and ebay were associated closely together by many of the panel. “I use ebay a lot so obviously I use Paypal too.” Many mentioned that more recently they have started to use Paypal for money transfers for other stores and brands but originally it was just used for ebay. “I’ve been using Paypal for quite sometime now. Mainly through ebay. But as time has gone on I’ve found it with more online shops and other things.” (Tom, Croydon, 26)

“You can buy things with any currency you like without actually having to pay any exchange rates or anything. It’s a very very flexible payment. It integrates fantastically with ebay.” (Neil, Sheffield, 52)

Supporters of Paypal 

Here are a few words that our panel members mentioned as associating with Paypal.

“It’s always a quick service, you can get money transferred into your bank account as soon as you get paid from Paypal, it’s straight into my bank account. It’s a fantastic thing.” (Craig, Kingston upon Thames, 42)

Security while paying online seemed to be the thing that most of the panel members were worried about. They thought that Paypal offers it’s customer peace of mind when sending or receiving payments online. “I really rely on them for feeling so secure and confident about paying for things online.” (Kate, London, 32)

“Paypal is great, when I’m purchasing something on the internet and it comes to payment options and you see Paypal on the list you think oh brilliant I don’t have to bother finding my credit card.” (Clare, Cheadle, 37)


The panel which liked the Paypal brand only complaint was that more stores and websites didn’t allow you to pay via Paypal. They like the brand and payment system and therefore want it to be available in more places.

However many did comment that this is something that is gradually improving with more and more brands using Paypal for transactions. “I use it a lot, almost daily, I use it for Amazon, I think I use it for M&S and companies such as yourself. I feel it’s reliable, it’s safe and secure.” (Vickie, Leeds, 44)

Other areas that the panel felt Paypal could improve on included fees charged and customer service. Speed of transactions was also something that a few panel members mentioned. “Sometimes they can take ages to take it out of your account and then you think you’ve spent it and you haven’t and then you’re in trouble.” (Rebbie, Sale, 39)

Other members of the panel however commented on Paypal’s speed and efficiency. “It’s always a quick service, you can get money transferred into your bank account as soon as you get paid from Paypal, it’s straight into my bank account. It’s a fantastic thing.” (Craig, Kingston upon Thames, 42)

Many of the panel commented on Paypal’s high fees and that they often do not make their fees very clear to the user. “They always seem to go on the side of the purchaser.”