The Royal Mail

We asked our panel to shed light on their feelings towards Royal Mail. It was particularly interesting to hear their thoughts on its recent privatisation.

Most of the panel had mostly positive experiences with The Royal Mail commenting that “they provide a real quality service” and “they are trusted and reliable.” The panel felt that it represents British Heritage and is something that would be greatly missed if it was to be removed.

“The Royal Mail is a strong brand, it stands for quite strong British values. The strength of the brand largely comes from the fact that they have few competitors.” (Susie, Birmingham, 27)

“I think The Royal Mail do an excellent job. They always deliver their parcels and letters in excellent condition, one problem I do have with them is that they tend to be quite late.” (Christopher, Westcliffe-on-Sea, 34)

However most also felt that there were areas in which The Royal Mail could improve on, these included cost, service and modernisation. Many had expected these improvements to happen when The Royal Mail was privatised. “As a privatised business people expect a better performance, more value for money, which they are not getting, the extra performance for the privatised business.” (Stephan, Wigan, 40)

One of the main complaints was about The Post Office’s opening times. They are only open from 9-5pm daily and therefore it is difficult for working people to find the time to get there. In order to improve the service the panel felt they should offer an alternative service for working people.

Another issue connecting to this was when people missed their deliveries. They then found the re-delivery service to be outdated and more complicated than it needs to be.

“In general I do think they offer a poor service. There is always a really long queue, they are not very polite sometimes…I don’t see how they can survive long term, we can all send emails, I just don’t see the need for them.” (Scarlett, Stockport, 24)

Another complaint was about the prices which The Royal Mail charge. Many of our panel felt that these prices are quite high compared to other businesses offering a similar service.

“They are not always competitive when it comes to sending parcels. They have the monopoly on posting letters but if you have to post a parcel sometimes it’s cheaper to go with somebody else.” (Elizabeth, Kettering, 34)

The panel also mentioned that the pricing system seemed difficult to understand with too many pricing options making it confusing.  “They should really make their pricing easier to understand, the whole thin letter, large letter, small letter is a bit much.” (Chloe, Bromley, 30)

Overall The Royal Mail came out as a trusted British brand which formed part of our history. The panel were loyal to the brand but suggested that many use it because there aren’t many other options and due to the convenience of local post offices. The panel did feel that The Royal Mail needs modernisation to keep it a current brand and service.