The Boots Brand

We asked our panel about their thoughts on the Boots Brand. We wanted to know what appealed to them about the brand and what they thought they could improve on. Boots came off very well with most of the panel speaking very positively about the brand. Many of the panel had shopped there for many years and were loyal customers. “It’s a tried and tested brand that I have used for many years.” Our panel liked the wide range of good quality products on offer in the stores “They stock everything you need”. They also liked their advantage card which offers customers a very competitive reward scheme. Many commented on the advantage card and that they were impressed with how many points they could collect on certain items.

The number one suggestion on what Boots could improve on was their pricing. “I really like Boots it’s my number one place to go for cosmetics, the only thing I’m not keen on is that sometimes the prices are quite high. If you go to Superdrug you can get the same thing for quite a bit cheaper.” (Stephanie, Sheffield, 29)

The panel felt that even though Boots had many offers and their meal deal offered good value, other products were often overpriced and this is were the panel felt that they could improve most on.

Other than price the panel felt that Boots was a trusted and well established brand. Many commented on the quality of their own brand products with some suggesting that perhaps they needed to expand this range. “I think that supermarkets are steaming ahead when it comes to doing own brand products and I think Boots could possibly do a more varied range of their own stuff to get younger people through the doors who can’t afford the high end products they offer.”