The Apple Watch

Apple have announced their latest product, the Apple watch. The watch will be able to help monitor health and fitness with its built in heart rate monitor. It will also help you to stay connected with the ability to send and receive messages.

We asked our panel to voice their views on the latest gadget from Apple. The majority of the panel liked the watch and were excited to learn more about its features. “Apple products are always new and exciting.” The design was the most talked about aspect of the watch, with the panel being impressed with the sleek style.

“I really like the look of the new Apple watch. It’s pretty much what I expect to see from Apple. Nice finish, sleek looking, it will probably feel good to wear.” (Nikki, Norwich, 38)

The panel also liked the watches simplified functions but many agreed that they would need more information before they considered purchasing the watch. They also liked that the watch was scratch proof and had straps that could be changed.  Some of the panel commented on how many people no longer wear watches and that this could change due to Apple’s new product.

Here are some of the words which our panel members used to describe the Apple Watch.


“Apple’s new watch looks so cool, it’s their first ever watch that they have released and I think it looks trendy and wearable, I can see a lot of people buying it, including myself.” (Apple, Aylesbury, 20)

The panel were also pleasantly surprised at the price advertised, with many expecting it to be more expensive. “The price was good, I expected it to be more than that.” (Tom, Peterbrough, 22)

Some of the panel were not as taken to the new gadget. They didn’t understand the need for the watch when everyone carries around their iPhone in their pockets. “What I see from the advert is that it will do all the same things that the iPhone will do.” (Rachel, North Walsham, 32)

Other issues that the panel had with it was that it would be another gadget that needed to be charged all the time and could easily run out of power. Some also didn’t like the idea that this was another thing that would stop people from talking to each other. Now people could be distracted all the time by the watch on their wrist.

“I can’t help but think it’s just another gimmick trying to get people to spend more money.” (Paul, 39, Hayes)