The Ice Bucket Challenge Craze

The Ice Bucket Challenge has flooded our news feeds over the past week; with our friends, Facebook friends(there’s a difference) and people we half know, being drenched with ice cold water.

A hilarious thought. But when every other post on our social media is a new Ice Bucket Challenge video, we asked our panel whether this is an effective way for charities to raise awareness and a good use of social media.

The panel were split on their opinion of the Ice Bucket Challenge, although no one could dispute it’s effectiveness in terms of virality, not all the panel agreed this was the most effective way to raise knowledge of the organisation.

A chance to get involved
“The common people and the famous people unite.” A number of the panel liked the idea that celebrities and the general public were coming together to raise awareness and money for a worthwhile cause, while having a bit of fun nominating their friends.

The power of social media
The campaign was perceived as a great use of social media, proving how powerful a social media chain reaction can be. Nathan, from Coventry, said “if I was to nominate 3 of my friends to donate money without the ice bucket challenge, they wouldn’t have donated and it wouldn’t have caught on.” Many felt that the ‘fun factor’ to this particular campaign meant they didn’t mind seeing multiple videos, as everyone had different reactions. Some did recognise the similarities between the ‘no make-up selfie’ campaign from Breast Cancer Awareness.

Jumping on the bandwagon
The downside happens when they don’t actually donate the money, a social campaign like this is great for awareness of charities but if people just catch on to the bandwagon. Although some members of our panel wondered how many people actually know what ALS is and have donated.

Some found that although it is a good cause, and they can understand how great this is for the charity, logging on to see another 25 of your Facebook friends throw ice water over their head was not the reason they logged into Facebook. Others called the Ice Bucket Challenge as a waste of water; that there are better ways of raising awareness, when other countries have a lack of clean drinking water it seems wrong to pour a whole bucket over your head.

Find out more about ALS here.

See how to get involved with The MND Association or Macmillian Cancer Trust.