Coca-Cola Life

Coca-Cola Life is the latest product to come from the Coca-Cola family that we all know and love. It offers a lower calorie alternative which is sweetened from natural sources. Made with a blend of sugar and stevia leaf extract it contains a third less sugar and a third less calories than regular Coca-Cola.

We wanted to know what our panel’s thoughts were on this new drink. Did they think that there was a need or room for another Coca-Cola product in the soft drinks market? We also intrigued to find out if they were likely to purchase the product themselves and why.

A number of the panel had already bought and tried Coca-Cola Life having seen in on promotion in certain supermarkets over the weekend. Many were taken by the green colouring that replaced the iconic red on these new bottles. The panel commented that the green packaging made them stop and look at the bottles, intrigued by what the green labels could mean. “It was quite fun having the original Coca Cola in a new colour so that was quite novel and was probably the main reason that we bought it.” (Daisy, 27, London)

However some felt that the green colouring was misleading, expecting the drink to be apple or lime flavoured with one panel member associating the green with it being recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Here are a few opinions from our panel members who have already tried Coca Cola Life.

Other panel members thought that Coca Cola Life was something that they would be interested in buying and that it was a good idea to have another Coca Cola product. Many felt that if the drink was a healthier alternative to original Coke it was something that lots of people would be interested in. People were encouraged to see Coca Cola thinking more about the health implications of their products. “They are considering the health implications and are using more natural ingredients.” (Marcel, 28, Ashford)

“I bought it straight away mainly because for me it’s very important to be healthy and therefore the idea of having natural ingredients sweetening my Coke was very appealing.” (Liam, 18, Totnes)

However other members of the panel failed to see the need for another Coca-Cola product. They thought that Coca-Cola Life was too similar to Diet Coke, and Coke zero, which already offer lower calorie alternatives to Coca-Cola. However some panel members that are fans of Diet Coke did say that they would try Coke Life as they are aware that the artificial sweeteners in the low calorie soft drinks such as Diet Coke are bad for you and if Coke Life was a healthier alternative they would want to try it.

Other panel members  mentioned that this new Coke Life still wasn’t healthy as it still contains a lot of sugar and therefore they wouldn’t be buying it.