Lucozade – What Is It?

We asked our panel of UK consumers to check out the latest advert from Lucozade, titled ‘Lucozade – what is it?’

The advert described Lucozade as energy fuel, giving consumers the energy to do whatever they need to do from one bottle. Although the advert was short but sweet, it had relatively mixed reviews when it came to the panel.

Take a look at the advert:

71% of the panel liked the advert, describing the advert as ‘original’, ‘fast-paced’ and ‘action packed’. It seemed that the move in between each acitivity powered by Luzocade kept the attention of the viewer, while providing an amusing idea of all the different uses for Lucozade.

Some of the panel commented on the beat to the advert, that it kept going nicely and was easy to listen and digest. Others found the product placement in the advert great, as it is constantly visible, compared to other recent adverts for other brands that leave you second guessing what you have just watched an advert for.

However, it wasn’t all positive, as some of the panel felt that the advert did not make much sense. This was in terms of the contradiction between the energetic activities described, and the actor unenthusiastic actor describing the activities while drinking Lucozade. This proportion of the panel felt that the advert could be improved through a better connection between Luzocade and the increase in energy levels.

Others found the advert unappealing simply because they could not relate to it, mentioning that they would not really find themselves bog-snorkeling or deep Atlantic diving often.