Apple Continue to Please UK Consumers

Apple continue to top the charts with the highest Net Promoter Score out of all the UK household brands we have so far analysed. Scoring just over +60, on a scale from -100 to +100, it seems that Apple owners for the most part have become advocates to the brand.

Philip, from Wallsend, said “Why buy something that is trying to imitate the best, when you can just have the best” 

A large number of the panel felt that Apple was an extremely reliable brand; from the known quality of each of their products to their aftercare offering, most of the panel associated the Apple brand with a great product. Apple are not just throw away products, each update adds a new lease of life to the product, there is no need to buy a new laptop every year.


Net Promoter Scores are based on whether the customer is then likely to go on and recommend the brand to their friends, relatives and colleagues. By recommending a brand to someone you know, you are putting your reputation on the line, therefore customers only tend to become promoters to a brand they truly believe in.

With that in mind, perhaps it is no surprise that Apple have scored so well with UK consumers. From their desirability, to the way the affect they have on the market – the excitement and buzz around a new release, the endless queuing outside Apple stores, and the status attached to an Apple product. Although Apple products are, of course, of a great quality – they come with a high social status attached, with Apple owners proudly proclaiming they are an iPhone user or a Mac user.

Apple are perceived as the most innovative technology brand, one step ahead, they know what you want before you know yourself. The panel commented that they are always ‘ahead of the curb’.

A large proportion of the panel own more than one apple product, one thing Apple do extremely well is how easy each of their products connects together.

“I didn’t realise how easy smartphones were to use until I got an iPhone.” It seems Apple has a mass appeal with the ease of use of their operating system. Some of the panel commented very positively on the ability to link up all their Apple devices. With the majority of the panel stated that they were not likely to move away from the Apple brand on their next phone or computer upgrade.