Brits Abroad

British people seem to have quite the reputation abroad, known for drinking too much and causing trouble, we wanted to know if our panel felt that this troublesome reputation was justified. The panel agreed that British people had a reputation for being rowdy and obnoxious and that this was mostly justified but that it was a minority that were responsible for this reputation.


The panel felt that binge drinking was largely responsible for our negative reputation abroad. The panel commented on Britain having a different drinking culture to other countries with many people drinking purely with the incentive to get drunk. The panel felt that “Lads holidays” centred around drinking and therefore often ended in trouble. They felt that for young people this behaviour was more acceptable because it was often their first holiday away from their parents were they want to relax and drink too much. However older people still binge drinking was seen by the panel as an embarrassment for British people.

Many felt that the 18-30 club culture abroad encouraged bad behaviour and binge drinking. However the panel agreed that there is little anyone can do to stop people drinking and having a good time abroad. The panel felt that most of the time people were just trying to have a good time and weren’t deliberately looking for trouble. Some felt that our reputation was exaggerated and that it was only a small proportion of British people that behaved in this way. “Small minority of Brits abroad that give us a bad name.” (Sally, Cheltenham, 48) They felt that TV shows and the media exaggerated the problem with them only ever reporting on the bad and never the good.