Can Video Improve Online Dating?

As the world of dating turns cyber, is there a way to be more personal?

At VoxPopMe, we believe in video. We believe it offers the full picture, enabling a truer understanding of the individual. Where is it more essential to understand the individual than online dating?

We all hear the horror stories from friends, of their friends instantly clicking with someone online, but when it comes to meeting face to face – they discover they have been talking to someone completely different all along.

It’s enough to scare anyone from online dating. Where online dating should be embraced, there is still that uncertainty. That’s where video comes in, no I’m not talking about dating videos submitted via VHS in the 80s.

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But maybe it’s not too far off! If a picture tells a thousand words, than how many does a video tell?

 “A short video response would be the future of dating” (Michael, 35)

“I think video entries are a fantastic idea for a dating site, because you can actually see somebody and hear their voice, and that gives you a really good idea of who they are.” (Lynne, 44)

We asked our panel of UK consumers what they thought of the use of video for online dating; we had incredibly positive results, with almost all of the panel commenting that they would be more inclined to meet someone based off a short video clip than a written profile.

Some felt that videos would be a time saver, being able to flick through and almost instantly get an idea of the person before even meeting them.

“When you hear someones voice and hear how they speak – it brings them to life!” (Glodean, 32)

It’s about their mannerisms, their behavior and body language. It’s not just what they say, but how they say it. A surprisingly high number commented on being able to hear their voice – that it’s not just all about looks –  it’s about getting to know the person.

“I think even just a few, 15/20 seconds, of somebody on video would be much more helpful to see than something written about them.” (Michelle, 39)

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