Modern Day Slavery

The Home Office has released its latest advert that aims to tackle modern day slavery. We asked our panel to watch the advert, tell us how they felt watching the ad and about the issues it tackles.

The advert aimed to bring to light that slavery is not something that just happened in the past or in other countries but it’s here on our very doorstep. The majority of the panel found the advert to be very effective and thought provoking. Panel members described the ad as clever, hard-hitting, powerful, honest and shocking. “People forget that slavery is something that can happen around the corner from you.” (Angela, Northampton, 49)

The advert surprised our panel, many of them explained that slavery wasn’t something that they associated with the UK. Some felt that we try to cloud our own eyes, believing that slavery isn’t going on here, however this advert sheds light on the truth and brings it home to our very own doorsteps.

“It could be next door, it could be in our town, it could be going on in the next road, so it’s something that we should all be aware of.” (John, Dumfries, 68)

The panel thought that the advert was very thought provoking, containing a serious message. After watching the advert the panel all felt strongly that this was an issue that needed to be tackled and put a stop to. “A lot of them can’t speak up, they can’t get away.” (Chloe, Staines, 24)

The advert shows different types of slavery in the UK and is reminding the viewers to keep an eye out for it. One of the panel members felt that the advert was good but felt that something like this should have been released sooner. “Advert has come a little later than I would have liked it to come, it’s been quite a while since the biggest incident was found about slavery.” (Scott, Bournemouth, 24)