Beauty Babies

We asked our panel how they feel about the growing popularity for child beauty treatments. We are now seeing beauty salons offering children treatments such as fake tanning, facials, manicures and even waxing at a discounted rate.

Our panel were in agreement that they felt beauty treatments on children were unnecessary and something that shouldn’t be encouraged.

Some felt more strongly than others, feeling that beauty treatments on children should be banned altogether and made illegal.

Most of the panel felt that a child getting their nails done with their mum was acceptable but anything more than this was seen as encouraging children to grow up too fast. It was agreed that childhood was already too short; with children racing to grow up and that beauty treatments should be saved until they are adults. “Childhood should be preserved for as long as possible.” Many felt that children should be left to be children; they should be out playing getting muddy not having spray tans. A number also felt that children’s skin was too sensitive to be having products put on it from such a young age.

Many of the panel felt that encouraging young girls to get beauty treatments would result in them having self esteem issues while growing up. The panel thought that it was encouraging children to think of appearance as the most important thing. “We should be encouraging our children to be comfortable in their own bodies, how they are, encouraging them to explore their personalities, not to make them feel inadequate.” (Vikki, Brighton, 28)