The Jaffa Cake debate

Oh crumbs here is a question…we asked our panel whether they would class a Jaffa Cake as a biscuit or a cake. You may think the proof is in the name however this debate divided our panel and we received very mixed responses.

There were a couple of arguments given by our panel for Jaffa Cake being a cake, the main obviously being the name. Many suggested that if it were a biscuit surely it would have been named a Jaffa Biscuit. “The clue is in the name.” They also believed that a biscuit should be able to be dunked in a cup of tea whereas a Jaffa Cake would simply disintegrate. “If it was a biscuit it would be hard, it would be crunchy.” (Craig, Chislehurst, 42)

Apparently according to our panel biscuits go soft when stale whereas cakes go hard and Jaffa Cakes definitely do the later. “Technically I suppose it’s a cake because it’s in the name.” However it was agreed that the Jaffa is not the traditional cake and therefore it does create confusion. “It doesn’t really fulfill the traditional cake role.” (Susie, Birmingham, 27) This may be due to its small size and how easy it is to eat about 10 of them!

Other members of the panel argued that the Jaffa Cake is in fact a biscuit. The argument was that it’s found in the biscuit aisle in the shops and comes in a biscuit box. It is also the size of a biscuit and isn’t what you would expect from a cake. A few members found this question too challenging to answer and so decided on it being a biscuit-cake. “I believe it’s a mixture of both, it has the biscuit bottom but it’s light and fluffy on top like a cake.” (Lee, London, 26)

This debate is one that is clearly ongoing…