Insurance Issues

We asked our panel if there were any insurance companies that were impressing them with their latest deals. The panel felt that the most impressive thing about certain insurance companies was how they handle people making claims. Jackie, 43 from York was very impressive with how Tesco handled her claim when she was involved in a car accident and felt that they didn’t make her feel guilty or stupid for crashing. “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and would think long and hard about moving from them now regardless of the cost.”

Admiral came out as one of the most impressive insurers with their multi-car discount and fun adverts particularly impressing our panel.

Another company that a number of our panel mentioned as having impressive deals was Directline. Their deals are not on comparison websites but many of the panel have been impressed with the service they offer.

Other insurance companies that were mentioned as being impressive by the panel included AA, Churchill, LV and Tesco. Churchill’s car insurance that covers you against uninsured drivers was seen by our panel as a brilliant idea and something that would encourage them to take out insurance with Churchill.

Many of our panel spoke about using comparison websites to make it easy to find which insurance companies offered the best deals. “I think with car insurance people don’t tend to have much loyalty to the company they just go on comparison sites to get the lowest price.” (Ben, 22, Bournemouth)