Vue Cinema Score Averagely With Consumers

“It’s probably my favourite cinema in the area because it’s comfortable, it’s got several screens so there’s normally a film that suits all of us, and the children can go to different screenings if they want to.” Sarah, 39, Stratford-upon-Avon

Net Promoter Score analysis revealed a score of -10.35 for Vue Cinemas. Net Promoter Scores can range from -100 to +100, calculated by subtracting the detractors to the brand from the promoters. Most brands will set around the 0 mark, see our current NPS brand tracking leader board.

“Vue does what they do very well, which is providing mass market films to a mass audience.” Paul, 24, Fareham.

A number of the panel felt that Vue Cinemas tend to be the largest cinema complexes available in the UK. Many associated the bigger cinema brands with having the most recent blockbusters. Furthermore, some of the panel felt that Vue Cinema tend to have the bigger films showing for longer, and have later showings in the evenings.

Kids AM was commented on by a number of the panel who are parents of younger children, finding it a great and cost effective alternative for the school holidays when the weather isn’t great. Although some of the panel did find Vue Cinema to be very expensive without any offers or special deals; one of the panel members commented that for a family of 6 to go to the cinema and have food, they were looking at around the £70 mark.

A comfort cinema experience. A large proportion of the panel felt that Vue  tend to be one of the more comfortable cinemas, with big wide seats that are not too close together and movable armrests. A small percentage said they had recently upgraded to the VIP seating, finding the extra comfort worth the attached cost.

Locality of the cinema seemed to be key, as many found themselves opting for Vue Cinema solely because it was their local cinema. Although others sought out cinemas with loyalty schemes or price discounts, even if they were further afield, to get the best offer for their family/party.

The staff were commented on quite highly, as many panel members who had experienced problems with Vue felt their complaint had been well handled – normally with the offer of a free cinema visit next time. Although, there was only a very small proportion of the panel that mentioned previous bad experiences.

The majority of the panel mentioned the high ticket prices for cinema extras, with just over 76% commenting specifically on the price of popcorn. “This is just a small thing to mention, but sometimes it’s the small things that really matter.” Mardon, 29, Tashkent.

“The frozen drinks they sell… It’d be cheaper going to a nightclub and buying a margarita. Absolutely shocking.” – Debbie, 39, Sale. Some of the panel mentioned that Vue Cinema do tend to be located near a supermarket where they would much prefer to purchase their cinema snacks.

However, a number of the panel did recognise expensive cinema food as an industry wide problem. Although some mentioned that the only reason they would opt for another cinema over a Vue Cinema is the loyalty scheme; with many giving the example of the Odeon, where although you are not getting much back, it’s something in return that you can continue to built up and eventually gain something back for your loyalty.