Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

On the 24th July we were offered a sneak peek of the much anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey film due for cinema release on Valentines day 2015. We wanted to know how our panel felt about the trailer if they would be planning a trip to the cinema to watch it.

A few of our panel commented on the cast members not looking like what they had pictured when reading the books, especially Mr Grey who many of the women on the panel felt wasn’t what they had visioned. Most of our panel had read the books and therefore understood the advert, even though it gives very little away. However some panel members commented that if you hadn’t read the books this advert wouldn’t encourage you to see the film and would be quite confusing.

Most of the panel agreed that they would be watching this film, some because they are avid fans of the books and others out of pure intrigue. “Oh my god I am so excited I can’t wait we have already arranged a mums night out to see it.” (Debbie, 39, Sale)

Other members of the panel were less keen to rush to the cinema, feeling that the books were repetitive and badly written and therefore they didn’t have high expectations for the film adaptation.

The advert gives little away and perhaps only increases peoples intrigue to how this erotic novel will be translated onto the big screen. Only time will tell if the film will be as successful as the novels but at the moment it’s certainly heading that way.