Crocs; Fashion Fave or Faux Pas?

Is this the end for Crocs? According to recent news, the bright and colourful foam shoes could be a thing of the past, with reported future store closures across the UK.

We asked our panel their opinion of the Crocs brand, whether they would recommend Crocs, and whether they would be likely to wear a pair of Crocs. It’s fair to say the panel were very divided, with a love/hate relationship – Crocs appear to be the Marmite of the shoe world.

It seems those that favoured a Croc found them to be extremely comfortable, and were more concerned about the comfort of their footwear over the fashion. These users tended to find Crocs very practical for the summer, especially when on holiday – but felt that they would rarely wear Crocs out and about.

“Unbelievably comfortable, but they are not a fashion item.”

However, the proportion of the panel that didn’t like Crocs, really didn’t like Crocs. From being compared to the shoe that represents someone who has ‘given up’ to being compared to Swiss cheese, just under half of the panel said they would “never be caught dead in a pair of Croc shoes”.

This proportion of the panel felt that the reason Croc sales are declining is because they are not fashionable, and although they can be good for the summer time, they are not a practical shoe for all year round – unless they are just be used as indoor shoes. Although a small number of the panel could not understand why anyone would ever want to own a pair of Crocs.

Interestingly, there was a proportion of the panel that are Croc owners, however they felt embarrassed to wear them out, and would not go further than their front garden in them.