Go Fun Yourself With Toyota Aygo

We asked our panel members to voice their opinions on the new advert from Toyota, which sees prankster Rahat becoming an invisible driver of a Toyota Aygo. The panel had mixed views on the advert with some finding it light hearted and very amusing whereas others didn’t quite understand the concept behind the ad or feel that the advert encouraged you to want to purchase the car.

The panel members that enjoyed the advert described it as “a bit of fun” “pretty awesome” “clever” “quirky” and “funky.” These members felt that Toyota was portrayed in a fun light in this memorable ad. The panel felt that the advert was aimed at the younger market and was particularly suited to this. They were pleased to see something different to the usual car adverts describing this ad as more exciting. “It’s something different…it grabs peoples attention.” (Kerry, Colchester, 31) 

This advert incorporates social media, taking a famous youtube prankster which panel members thought was a clever and fun new way of advertising that helped to sell the car to the consumer. “For me Toyota Aygo might be the next car for me swell just because of this advert.” (Christopher, Bothwell, 30) 

Some members of the panel weren’t as keen on the new Toyota advert. “I’m not particularly excited by the Toyota advert.” (Laura, Port Seton, 36) The advert was described as fun but lacking information about the actual car. Some of the panel felt that the brand wasn’t mentioned enough in the advert and would be easily forgotten. They were unsure that the advert would actually encourage anyone to buy the car.

Other problems that our panel found with the advert was that the concept was unclear and often confusing. “I don’t really get the advert.” (Kimberley, Spalding, 25)

‘Go fun yourself’
Panel members also had mixed views on the ‘go fun yourself’ tag line in the Toyota advert. Some felt that it was an inappropriate play on words, “we all know what it’s trying to say.” (Katie, Wallsend, 25) Others however enjoyed the pun as it went with the fun, young brand, “I quite like the tag line because it sounds like something rude.” (Ben, Dronfield, 31)