What makes a great TV ad for Alcohol brands?

We asked our panel members what they think makes a great TV advert for Alcohol Brands. We also wanted to know which alcohol adverts are the most memorable and spring to mind when thinking about alcohol brands.

The panel seemed to agree that humour and being able to make the viewer think were both important aspects in making a great TV advert. “It’s always humour that gets me.” (Andy, Liverpool, 42) Humour was seen as the emotion, which created the most memorable and effective Alcohol TV ads. “I think things that make a good advert are ones that make you think, perhaps it’s not clear immediately what it’s about…by the end you either have a smile on your face because it’s made you laugh or it’s made you think.” (Alan, 41, Ealing)

The brands that seemed to come out on top with our panel included Fosters, Guinness, WKD and Carling.

However Guinness was seen as the champion of the alcohol adverts, as their advertising was described by some of the panel as “quite epic” and “always quite spectacular.

Our panel thought that the Guinness brand spends the most on its advertising campaigns, producing adverts that tell an emotive and captivating story.

Fosters was also seen as having funny, memorable and original advertising campaigns. Humour was definitely seen as something that contributed to making a great TV ad by our panel. Heineken’s adverts were also mentioned as being great due to their humour, “Their adverts are hilarious. They really stick out.” (Andrew, 33, Edinburgh)

Carling was also mentioned by the panel as creating memorable adverts. “They have a very clever series of adverts…it’s very entertaining.” (Paul, 24, Fareham) One user described the Carling adverts as containing the variety and spices of life, with others commented that these adverts portray friends having a good time together. “It shows people having a good time together which is what it’s all about at the end of the day.” (Jamie, Cambridge, 25)

WKD was mentioned by a number of the panel members as having memorable adverts and people seemed fond of their brand slogan ‘Have you got a WKD side’ appeared on merchandise. It was argued however that WKD might not necessarily be the best adverts even though they are memorable. “There’s a difference between a good advert and a memorable one.” (Tom, 22, Peterborough)