Ryvita – The People’s Choice

Ryvita crispbread proves popular snack amongst UK consumers as their trust in the healthy, low calorie snack increases.

We asked the Ryvita lovers amongst our panel of UK consumers to show us their favourite Ryvita combination. A surprisingly high number of the panel preferred the Ryvita original crispbread, finding the taste and consistency nicely compliments their favourite toppings.

A large amount of the panel preferred their Ryvita with cheese; with almost 100% of this proportion opting for a soft cheese like Philadelphia, cottage cheese and brie. It appears that a large amount of the panel referred to cream cheese as complementary to Ryvita.
“It’s healthy, refreshing and filling”

And they’re not wrong. At 19 calories per slice, Ryvita weighs in at a fifth of the calories of a slice of bread, and a quarter of the calories of cream crackers. Ryvita appears to be associated with healthy, a brand that users trust in to provide a low calorie snack.

Unlike other brands that market themselves as good for you, it appears Ryvita are really good for you.

19% preferred the panel like their Ryvita with specifically Nutella, not just any chocolate spread. None of the panel overly went for incredibly healthy toppings, but saw the Ryvita as healthy enough, that any topping will still make it a healthy snack.

The oddest combination came from Ravi, who enjoys a Marmite, cheese and avocado Ryvita snack.

Only a small proportion of the panel opted for Ryvita thins or Ryvita minis, this proportion of the panel found the Ryvita Original cracker was just simply too thick; opting for the smaller varieties, these users found themselves feeling nicely full after a Ryvita snack.

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