Weird and Wonderful Marmite Experiments From Marmite Lovers

We asked Marmite lovers to talk us through their weird and wonderful creations that involve Marmite. Our panel did just this providing their fair share of weird marmite combinations including Marmite pancakes, Marmite and jam on toast, Marmite in hot chocolate and even Marmite brownies!

“Marmite is my mate.” (Kat,Chester, 32)

One of our favourite Marmite recipe ideas came from two of our vox poppers, Lisa and Janine, she gives a great recipe on how to make cheese straws with the added twist of Marmite.

It seems a number of the panel were guilty of a cheese and Marmite combination, finding the two compliment each other nicely.

If you’re interested in making your own Marmite cheese straws, take a lookcheese straws at this recipe from Janine who dug out her mum’s old recipe book specifically to show us.

The recipe is combined simple of easy roll pastry, a pinch of salt, grated cheese, margarine, an egg, a pinch of mustard and of course the all important secret ingredient – Marmite.

A number of the Marmite lovers amongst our panel opted for the more traditional Marmite with cheese on toast. Surprisingly, to us anyway, eggs with Marmite was also a popular choice among the panel; as one of the panel members described their recipe for a Marmite omelette.

An equally popular (and equally strange) combination was Marmite with banana.

“I would definitely fall into the lovers category for marmite”

(Tom, Birmingham, 25).

“My marmite recipe will probably seem quite disgusting.”

(Tim,Gosport 38). Tim isn’t wrong, describing his experimental take on hot chocolate, Tim tells us all about how to perfect the Marmite hot chocolate. Can’t say it will be a drink for everyone.

Take a look at Tim’s response, and a couple of other dessert related Marmite responses.

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