Cameron’s Reshuffle; The Public Opinion

David Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle was described as his ‘boldest-ever reshuffle’. The reshuffle has made more room for promotions amongst the female members of the cabinet.

We asked our panel of UK consumers their opinion of the reshuffle, and whether they thought the changes would have an effect on the Conservatives chance of re-election in the next general elections.

Watch LIVE the responses from the general public as we received them.

  • Sam 65 Years Old

  • Susie 29 Years Old

  • Elizabeth 36 Years Old

  • Kerry 34 Years Old

  • Beccy 27 Years Old

  • Paul 26 Years Old

  • Kimberley 28 Years Old

  • Mardon 32 Years Old

  • Olu 36 Years Old

  • Margaret 37 Years Old

  • Chloe 33 Years Old

  • Rob 40 Years Old