Keyboard Warriors; Behind the Screen Bullies

We asked our panel how they felt about cyber bullying and why they think that it’s on the increase within adults. Most of the panel were in agreement that the increase in cyber bullying was down to the internet becoming more accessible, with it increasingly surrounding our daily lives. This has resulted in adults becoming more engrossed in the internet, especially social media.

“It’s becoming mainstream for everybody as technology increases, people find it easier to do.” (Chris, Preston, 43)

Some members of the panel felt like people turned to cyber bullying as the internet makes it very easy to just click a button to that can post a potentially hurtful comment, without the user really having to think about the consequences. “Cyber bulling is on the rise because everything really revolves around the computer and the internet.” (Kerry, Colchester, 31)

Another reason that our panel felt that cyber bulling is on the increase is down to being able to post things anonymously. “It’s easy to be a bully behind the keyboard.” (Chloe, Staines, 24) The panel felt that posting hurtful comments on the internet seemed to have no consequences. People are able to leave anonymous messages and therefore it’s very hard to identify the person. “Bullies are by nature cowards so it would only make sense that cyber bullying would appeal.” (Vikki, Brighton, 28)

Other reasons mentioned for cyber bullying were that people are normally jealous and often feel more secure behind a keyboard than saying something to someone’s face.  “People take a brave pill when they put things online.” (Christine, Crewe, 49)  Many felt that adults are just as bad as younger people when it comes to bullying and that the internet provides, “one of the few outlets adults have to be horrible to each other.” (Heather, Perth, 25) 

Our panel felt that people need to stop relying on the internet and need to get away from computers and communicate with people face to face instead of taking the cowards way out and attacking people from the safety of their computers.

“I think cyber bullying is on the increase because people don’t know how to communicate face to face anymore.” (Elaine, Harpenden, 48)