Center Parcs Perceived As Too Expensive By UK Consumers

We asked our panel members to tell us their thoughts on Center Parcs as a brand. We wanted to know what the panel felt they did well and what they needed to improve on.

Most agreed that Center Parcs offered a unique and quality service, however this seemed to come at a price, which many of our panel felt, was too high.

“I think Center Parcs has a very good reputation.” (Damon, London, 34)

The panel suggested that in order to improve their service, Center Parcs should offer more deals and promotions. It was agreed by most that Center Parcs is a great place to take the family as their are so many activities available to suit everyone, “you can’t fail to be entertained.” (Susie, Birmingham, 27) 

However it was mentioned that the prices seem to drastically increase in the school holidays which many of the panel felt to be unfair and because of the high price were more tempted to go abroad. “We can go abroad for almost the same price.” (Isobel, Lancaster, 19) 

Center Parcs was seen as catering very well for families, providing lots of entertainment for all ages. “They cater brilliantly for families, plenty of activities.” (Paul, Hayes, 39) However these activities were seen as expensive add ons by a number of the panel, “The fact that each activity is charged seperately doesn’t make sense. It works out to be very expensive.” (Simon, Todmorden, 19)

Some members however felt that the price was fair due to the high quality service that Center Parcs provides. “It’s just a great holiday and I would recommend it to anyone.”(Alison, Plymouth, 29) The parents among our panel liked that Center Parcs encouraged their children to be active and to enjoy the great outdoors. The fact that cars aren’t allowed in the parks was seen as a bonus by parents so this created a safe environment for children to play in.