Bin Collection Every Three Weeks Labelled A Rubbish Idea

We asked our panel members how they felt about the announcement that councils may decide to collect bins every three weeks in order to try and save money while encourage recycling. The majority of our panel felt strongly that this was a bad idea.

“Making bin collections every three weeks is preposterous. I have a young family and naturally we go through a lot of nappies every single day and sometimes even waiting a week is difficult.” (Vikki, Brighton, 28) 

Our panel felt the main problems with reducing bin collections was the waste that would be left sitting there for three weeks and that the recycling boxes provided were not big enough for three weeks worth of recycling and therefore would need replacing or would need to be collected more often.

Panel members were horrified at the thought of rubbish being left to rot for three weeks by their doorsteps. Their concerns were about rodents, the smell the rubbish would create and at how dirty the streets would look with bins overflowing everywhere. “This is the most ridiculous idea.” (Christine, Crewe 49) 

The panel commented on council tax and how they felt that if the bins were to only get collected every three weeks they would expect to see a reduction in the council tax they had to pay.“If the council are going to save money this way, I’d like to see an adjustment in my council tax.” (Neil, Amersham, 48)

A few of the panel spoke about how expensive council tax is and for this they expect the bins to be collected more than once every three weeks. “It would make me wonder what I pay my council tax for.” (Chloe, Bromley, 30) 

Other concerns from our panel members were that if your forgot to put the bins out you would have to wait six weeks for your rubbish to be collected. Also many felt the recycling system needed to be improved by making it less complicated and by increasing the things that could be recycled.

A few panel members were less concerned about the infrequent bin collections as these panel members were often living alone or as a couple and didn’t currently fill up their bins. They did however emphasis with families who they thought would find it difficult to only received bin collections every three weeks.

“I think it should be an optional thing, you can opt how often you want your bins collected based on how much you are throwing away.” (Heather, Perth, 25)

Some members felt that less frequent collections would encourage more recycling and therefore was a positive thing for the council to implement. “I think the infrequent bin collections will mean we will have to be more oragnised and have to do more recycling.” (Gavin, Birmingham, 36)  

However the majority of our panel seemed to be unhappy and rather concerned about the future of their bin collections, with collections every three weeks being seen by most as an impossible task, especially for families.