What makes a great supermarket?

This is an example campaign summary from VoxPopMe.

We surveyed our panel of UK consumers, asking “what makes a great supermarket?”, discover in this campaign summary what supermarkets can do to increase their consumer’s in-store experience. 

Through the voice of the customer we were able to discover key themes that contribute to a successful and enjoyable supermarket experience.

The preferred supermarket brands:

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“Convenience, I do like to travel to places that are close by rather than travelling miles and miles to a specific supermarket”. Location was sighted by 34% of the panel as an important factor in making a great shopping experience. Many members of the panel suggested that location and convenience played a role in where they decided to do their supermarket shop. A number of the panel explained that they simply choose their supermarket on how easy it is for them to access.
“My favourite supermarket to shop in is Tesco because there are loads of them around and they are usually pretty close”. As you can see from the above graph, Tesco have taken the largest market share. This could be down to the locality of Tesco, as almost every postcode across the UK now is populated with at least one Tesco. The convenience of Tesco, including Tesco Express or Metro for a top up shop, led a number of the panel to using Tesco as their preferred supermarket brand.

Tesco seemed to take a bigger market share when it came to VoxPopMe panel members that were just buying groceries for one, taking over 35% of the market share. Although when it came to panel members shopping for 6 or more people, the market favourite was Asda with over 44% of the market share.

How many people are panel are buying for:

“A really wide range of products, I hate it when you go to a really big supermarket assuming they’ll have what you want in and they don’t.”

Members of the panel frequently mentioned the importance for a supermarket to have a large range of stock. Supermarkets that are able to not only offer groceries but also stock electricals, clothes, cosmetics and home furnishings etc were looked upon favourably. “A really wide range of products, I hate it when you go to a really big supermarket assuming they’ll have what you want in and they don’t”, having fully stocked shelves with a wide selection of products was also seen as important.

Some of the panel commented on the importance of choice, from value to finest ranges a number of the panel liked to option to go for cheaper versions on some products or with the choice for a higher quality if desired. This portion of the panel felt that Tesco and Sainsbury’s are best when it comes to the range of quality, although some felt there was not that much of a quality loss going for the cheaper ‘value’ products.


“But most people forget that customer service is the most important”. Customer service came high up on the list of factors that contribute to a great supermarket shop with members of the panel expressing the importance of feeling valued as a customer and more importantly as an individual.

“What makes a great supermarket experience in my opinion is great customer service, the staff are really helpful and they are always willing to step in if you are having problems.” With a number of the panel commenting on the necessity of staff in larger supermarkets, that you really want someone there who has great in-store knowledge. Others felt that friendly service can almost me the entire reason they would be likely to return to a shop.

Price Comparison

The majority of the panel expressed the desire for supermarkets to be competitively priced, using brand matching in order to provide the customer with good value for money. Supermarkets are in huge competition with one another and the demand for price comparison is high. “Brand match has been particularly useful in recent times, as it helps keep the price down of branded goods”. Supermarkets battle it out in advertisements, trying to highlight how they compare in price to competitors.

“Not matter what the price of it, I always expect high quality”. Many of the panel expressed that quality was always important with cheaper supermarket brands like Aldi and Lidl still managing to provide high quality food at a low cost.

The proportion of the panel that selected Waitrose as their preferred supermarket felt that they did not want to settle on quality, describing the range and quality of Waitrose produce as ‘fantastic’. “Waitrose is where I do my main shop, I love the quality of the food, I don’t buy my meat anywhere else”. This proportion of the panel were likely to travel further for their food, and spend a higher amount on their weekly shop.

Loyalty/Reward Schemes

A large proportion of the panel felt that supermarket loyalty cards and rewards are important to their relationship with a supermarket, with a number commenting that they were one of the main reasons they would seek out the nearest Tesco or Sainsbury’s to gain their reward points. The most favourable rewards commented on by the panel tended to be money off fuel, or money off their weekly shop.

Other themes that are panel picked up on included, store layout. Wide aisles for easy access around the supermarket was mentioned a number of times and with products that are associated with each other being in close proximity to each other. Ample parking within close proximity to the store was also mentioned as something that contributes to creating a great supermarket experience.