Mascara Mayhem

We asked our female panel members to show us how they apply their mascara. We wanted to see the behaviour trends that occur when people apply mascara, for example how many of the panel applied mascara to both the top and bottom lashes and how many layers of mascara did they apply?

We also wanted to see which were the most popular mascara brands throughout our panel and what made them choose to use this particular brand.

Most of the panel only felt the need to apply mascara once a day but admitted to re-applying if they were going out on a night out. Just over half applied mascara to both their top and bottom lashes in order to achieve a more dramatic effect.


We received lots of interesting responses showing us all the different techniques that people use to apply their mascara, from rolling the mascara tube along eyelashes to blinking onto the mascara wand everybody seemed to have their own individual mascara application routine. Take a look at these panel members showing us how they apply theirs.

Interestingly, almost all of the panel opened their mouth to concentrate when applying mascara. 29% of the panel surveyed got mascara on their face while applying.

A few of the panel used different application techniques for work and going out, preferring a more natural look for work. Most people however applied more than one layer. “I apply just a little bit, just to give my eyelashes a little bit more depth, I don’t like to add too much, I don’t like the duck look.” (Neveen, Loughton, 28) 


The most popular mascara brands in our panel were Rimmel London, Maybelline and Benefit. Rimmel and Maybelline seemed to be favoured because they aren’t too expensive and last all day. They are all also very popular, well known and trusted brands. “This is Benefit mascara ‘They’re Real’. I picked it because it advertised that it made your eyelashes look like they’re fake.” (Nikki, Norwich 38) 

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