Domino’s Pizza Vs Pizza Hut

Our panel seemed to have very mixed opinions when it came down to which pizza brand they preferred. It would seem that Pizza Hut, even though it offers a takeaway service, is still very much associated as a restaurant, whereas Dominos is an established takeaway brand.

Some members favoured Pizza Hut because they felt that it provided more choice and was especially good for children and families. They felt that Pizza Hut was the stronger, more established brand, providing better quality pizzas and therefore didn’t have to try as hard as Dominos to win over consumers. “Branding wise Domino’s is everywhere, they are doing a really big market push, but I think Pizza Hut don’t have to do as much work.” (Philip, Wallsend, 25) 

Other members of our panel felt that Domino’s was a much stronger brand than Pizza Hut. “Overall the quality of Domino’s wins hands down to Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut you’re not even close.” (Leroy, Walsall, 45) The panel members in favour of Domino’s argued that their pizzas are of a higher quality, which are made with fresher ingredients than those used by Pizza Hut. “The ingredients used by Domino’s are usually fresher than those used by Pizza Hut from my own experience.” (Mardon, Tashkent, 29) They argued that while Pizza Hut may be cheaper, Domino’s is the more trusted and better quality brand.

Many of the panel agreed they would eat out at Pizza Hut but order takeaway from Dominos. The panel liked Pizza Hut’s lunch deals like their buffet and thought that this provided good value for money, compared to Dominos, which was seen as expensive. Pizza Hut was seen as being aimed much more at families and friends eating out rather than takeaways. “If I wanted to go to a restaurant obviously Pizza Hut, takeaways I prefer Dominos.” (Pit, Norwich, 27) A few panel members mentioned that Dominos provides a much quicker delivery service than Pizza Hut.

Overall it seems that these popular pizza brands are associated with different eating experiences. Dominos provides the ultimate pizza takeaway service, whereas Pizza Hut provides a fun restaurant experience, which is ideal for families.