Adidas vs Nike

Last night we witnessed the battle of the brands continue between Adidas and Nike in the World Cup. Germany (Adidas) battled it out with Brazil (Nike) to secure a place in the finale with Germany (Adidas) coming out on top. We wanted to ask our panel what their opinions are on the sport brand giants and which one in their eyes is the champion.

Panel members agreed that both Adidas and Nike are both respected and well-known brands that have becomes established as household names in the sporting world. “Nike and Adidas are both premium quality high street brands for sports goods…they are both international names.” (Michael, Norwich, 34) The majority of the panel however felt that Nike had the edge over Adidas with its logo being described a number of times as being more “iconic.” “It’s Nike everyday of the week, the quality of their products are outstanding.” (Leory, Walsall, 45) A number of the panel members agreed that Nike seemed to produce products of a higher quality but this came at a price, with Nike being seen as the more expensive brand. Many of our panel spoke about their children and most were of the opinion that Nike is the preferred brand for the young market.

Many of the panel commented on the advertising campaigns created for Adidas and Nike with it being agreed that both obviously spend a lot of money on this area. Nike however seemed to come on top in this area with panel members suggesting that Nike’s adverts are more memorable. “I think in terms of advertising Nike tends to have the better stars to advertise their brand.” (Paul, Hayes, 39)  Because of Nike’s innovative advertising the brand was described as being more prestigious. However a number of panel members disagreed, instead they thought that Adidas’s adverts were the more memorable of the two.

Some panel members felt that Adidas was more fashionable whereas Nike catered better for sport. There was also a large association between football and Adidas within the panel whereas Nike wasn’t mentioned with football at all but seemed to be more associated with good quality trainers and running shoes.

Nikes association with sweatshops and the bad publicity they have received on how they make their clothes was commented on by a number of the panel as being something they would consider carefully before purchasing anything from Nike. However Nike still seemed to be the brand that came out on top, being described as the “cooler” more iconic and bigger brand.

Take a look at the World Cup advertisements from Nike and Adidas:

Nike – The Last Game

Adidas – House Match