What does #LikeAGirl mean to you?

“I got told the other day that I wasn’t like other girls… That that was a compliment that I wasn’t like other girls. But why should being a girl be a bad thing?” – Esther, 18, London

When did doing something ‘like a girl’ become a bad thing? The latest advert from Always, well almost short movie at just over 3 minutes, is one that stops you in your tracks and certainly gives you food for thought.

Similar to the real beauty advert from Dove, although this advert specifically puts focus on teenage girls, the adverts have similar underlying tones that we shouldn’t be ashamed of who we are..

“One of the best advert I’ve seen in a really long time!” – Sarah, 32, Oxford.

This emotive advert takes you on a trip back to adolescence, as many members of the panel found themselves getting emotional thinking about themselves or their daughters. Mandy, from Bridgwater, said “I wish this could have been something I could have shown my daughter when she was going through puberty.”

Angela, from Northampton, said “I don’t think it sells the products, but to be honest I don’t really care because it’s such a positive message”. It seemed to be a running theme amongst the panel, that the advert does not showcase the products, but the powerful message makes Always stand out as brand.

Some of the panel felt remorseful while watching the advert, that they were guilty of referring to someone as ‘acting like a girl’. The panel forced impact on the statement ‘like a girl’, finding the advert inspiring and motivating – that women can do or be anything.

The advert already seems to have made huge social impact, although the advert is American, a number of the panel commented that they had seen the video shared on their social medias by friends and relatives. Of those who had not, a large proportion said this is a video they would consider sharing, as they believe in the message to end the use of casual sexism.

Almost all of the panel responded positively, however a small proportion did describe the advert as ‘over-sentimental’ for the promotion of Always. Others felt that although the message is important, a 3 minute advert is just simply too long, and the message could be achieved in a much shorter space of time.

What does like a girl mean to you?

“To me, it is very derogatory… My Dad still tells me I throw like a girl, as if it’s not good enough, less powerful.” – Bethany, 18, from Chester-Le-Street

“Like a girl means doing something, a bit squeamish, but ultimately strong and confident” – Kat, 32, from Chester

“Like a girl, to me, has been used as an insult when people say things to men in your ear shot about throwing like a girl. Even my husband does it when watching football… I think now I have a daughter it’s important that we make ‘like a girl’ a really positive thing” – Chloe, 30, from Bromley