Gillette – 100 Years of Hair

Gillette is celebrating 100 Years of being at the forefront of male grooming with their latest advert. Gillette demonstrates how their razors have evolved over the years to keep up with the latest shaving trends.

Gillette have packed in 100 years of different grooming styles into this one minute advert, giving the viewer the impression that trends will come and go but the one thing that stays the same is the need to shave with a high quality and trusted razor.

The advert ends showing us how Gillette have evolved their razors to shave the male body as well as the face. This demonstrates that Gillette is considering how men’s wants and needs may change over time and how this can be incorporated into their products.

Overall our panel seemed to be impressed by Gillette’s latest advert. Many of the panel members described the advert as fun, entertaining and clever. “This advert is slick, modern and classy.” (Simon, Maidstone, 40)

Panel members enjoyed watching the different styles changing over the eras and many commented on the use of the music suited to each era in the advert. The panel enjoyed the less serious tone adopted in the advert and a few members preferred this new witty tone in comparison to the more serious masculine adverts that Gillette has produced in the past. The sense of tradition and history seen in the advert helped to highlight Gillette as an established well respected brand.

“Gillette is an established brand that keeps up with the current trends” (Andy, Alsager, 20)
Many of the panel members felt like this was a high quality advert for a high quality product.

A few panel members did feel that there weren’t enough modern grooming styles shown in the advert and that perhaps the product needed to be explained further, demonstrating the technicalities of the new razor in more detail. A few of the panel also expressed that although the advert was well produced this isn’t a product that they would be interested in because they were unsure about the concept of men shaving their body hair.

Overall however the Gillette advert received a positive response from our panel members with their light-hearted, entertaining advert.

“The best part was how they linked it to their own past.” (Nath, 19 Coventry)

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