Can Murray go all the way at Wimbledon?

As Andy Murray takes to the Wimbledon courts today facing Grigor Dimitrov, we asked the general public what they think his chances are of going all the way this year.

According to The Telegraph, the game between Murray and Dimitrov is set to be one of the most exciting of The Championships so far. It appears that Andy Murray has a lot of support from the UK public, with many confident that he will make it all the way this year. Take a look at some of our favourite responses from UK consumers:

  • Paul 26 Years Old

  • Erica 50 Years Old

  • Kyle 30 Years Old

  • John 42 Years Old

  • michael 38 Years Old

  • John 71 Years Old

  • Nick 45 Years Old

  • Mandy 51 Years Old

  • Tenneil 26 Years Old

  • Nicky 46 Years Old

  • Alex 49 Years Old

  • Anthony 44 Years Old