Find Out What UK Consumers Think Of Costa Coffee

“For me there is only one real proper coffee shop in the high street and that is Costa Coffee.”

At VoxPopMe, we regularly leverage our smartphone technology for brand tracking. We asked our panel of UK consumers to complete a short Net Promoter Score on the Costa Coffee brand before completing their video response. This allows brands to not only track how their brand is perceived; but find out why consumers feel that way about their brand, while discovering their promoters and detractors.

As you can see from the below chart, Costa Coffee scored very well with UK consumers; for a bit of a comparison to other brands, Ryanair scored a measly -60.59 while Apple scored extremely high with +62.4. However most brands tend to hang around the 0 mark, where there promoters and detractors are relatively equal. Find out more about Net Promoter Scores.

Sentiment analysis in many ways supports the Net Promoter Score, with almost 90% of the panel commenting positively towards the Costa Coffee brand.

“Probably the first coffee shop I was really aware of was Starbucks, but it’s always been quite expensive, a little bit pretentious feeling and all of that kind of stuff, whereas Costa, to me, seems a lot more warm, homely, a lot more generally inviting and comfortable to sit in.”
Costa Coffee seem to be doing a lot well with their coffee shop offering; amongst the panel, the majority felt their expectations were surpassed during their latest trip to Costa Coffee. A number referred to the great choice of drinks available at Costa Coffee, that there really is something for everyone – you don’t have to be a coffee lover to love Costa.

A large proportion of the panel described relaxing situations they have had in a Costa Coffee, associating a trip to Costa Coffee with a nice day out with family or a catch up with friends.
Almost all of the panel found Costa Coffee to be a place to stop in for a sit down coffee, and less of an ‘on the go’ stop off. Although a small proportion of the panel felt that it was fair more expensive to opt to sitting in.
Seasonal drinks appeared to be a big hit with UK consumers, between the homely and comforting Christmastime drinks to the cool and refreshing summer drinks – it appears that no time is a bad time for a Costa.

Just over 11% of the panel said that they have bought Costa Coffee to drink at home because they enjoy Costa Coffee so much.
The service was commented on positively, although when it came to areas for improvement, many of the panel did recognise how busy Costa can get at peak times.

Although, most of the panel agreed that Costa Coffee could be extremely expensive, especially when it comes to their complimentary products; with many specifically mentioning the high cost of cakes and other desserts. In spite of that, many recognised they were very similarly priced to the likes of Cafe Nero and Starbucks.