The New Face Of Cravendale: Barry the Biscuit Boy

You’ll lose your head over Cravendale, but have our panel lost their head over the latest advert from Cravendale?

We all remember cats with thumbs, it’s hard to forget the terrifying thought that cats can open our fridges and help themselves to our milk – that is the stuff of nightmares.

This latest advert from Cravendale could also spark a few nightmares. The story of Barry the Biscuit Boy, the boy made of biscuit that has a soft spot for Cravendale milk. A cute and clever advert, that appeals on a mass scale as a story tale-esque short movie. Emphasis on short, this 30 second advert takes you on an emotional roller-coaster showing how (spoiler alert) Barry’s love for milk ends in him losing his head – but it’s not all doom and gloom.

On the whole, the advert was perceived well, sentiment analysis revealed that 56% of the panel felt positively towards the advert, supported by a further 21% feeling neutrally. The majority enjoyed the light-hearted and short advert with good graphics. The subject of the advert was very clear – a love of milk. The whole advert is focussed on Cravendale milk, so it is easy to understand exactly what they are advertising.

“The strange thing, after watching that advert a couple of time… I really want a biscuit.” It seems Cravendale have managed to an advert appealing for their complementary products too… Good work Cravendale!

A number of the panel felt that the advert was targeted more towards children, however agreed it’s nice to see a little cartoon break up adverts from time to time. Although, a couple commented that it could scare the smaller children – especially when he loses his head.

Some felt that they were unsure to what Cravendale’s differentiation is, commenting that they were just a milk brand similar to any other supermarket brand just with quirkier advertising. However, many felt the advert did work well in terms of brand promotion and association.