The UK Consumer Opinion Of

“If all the companies were run and operated like Amazon, everywhere would be a better place.”
We asked our panel of UK consumers to review the brand; sentiment analysis revealed that almost 100% of the panel overall commented positively towards the brand, with the general consensus that most other online retailers struggle to rival their service. “I think are one of the best online providers on the internet.” Between fast delivery options, an incredibly large portfolio of products, and competitive pricing; there appears to be a lot are doing well.

At VoxPopMe, we regularly conduct Net Promoter Score(NPS) analysis on large household brands. It has become increasingly important for brands to understand their customer satisfaction levels through NPS. NPS subtracts the amount of detractors to a brand from the amount of promoters; Net Promoter Scores range from -100 to +100, although most brands tend to hang around the 0 mark. Find out more about Net Promoter Scores.

“They really are the ultimate online retailer.”
It is clear is doing a lot right, scoring an extremely high NPS of +55.12. Although the number looks impressive, it is essential to find out the whys behind the score to truly understand your brand advocates.

“It’s just generally a go-to brand” A number of the panel considered Amazon to be the online retailer that they will always check before making a purchase online, due to the large variety and availability of stock. It appears a number of the panel were impressed with the sheer range of items available, “if anybody talks about buying anything, someone usually pipes up and says ‘try it on Amazon'”.

The Price Is Always Right!

“If you hear the name, you automatically know that it’s going to be fair.” As you can see from the above chart, were scored an average of 80.6 out of 100 for their pricing. Amazon’s pricing was described as very fair, with many commenting on how competitive their prices are in comparison to other online retailers – many found that Amazon would regularly come out on top with the best prices.

User-Friendly Service

This appeared to be where Amazon scored the highest, with over 40% of the panel scoring Amazon a 10 out of 10 for the ease of use of their service. Most users described the service as quick and efficient, as users only need one password to access many of Amazon’s services. It appeared that almost all of the panel had never experienced a problem with Amazon, more specifically when purchasing online; finding that once their details had been entered, purchasing any product was only one click away.

Super Delivery

In spite of the fact many of our panel are not currently Amazon Prime users, they were still on the whole pleased with the delivery service, especially the super saver delivery available on a number of products. Some commented on good experiences with, receiving an email or message to let them know their product would actually be arriving before the expected delivery date.

“I love Amazon. It’s first port of call for me when buying anything.” Most of the panel were impressed with the wide range of stock on that always seem to be available, commenting positively on the high number of Amazon approved independent sellers there are. Although some did feel that Amazon tend to undercut the independent sellers putting them out of business and are dominating the market place. In contrast to that, a small segment complimented Amazon on their marketplace offering them easy access to a great global platform to sell through.

It wasn’t all good for Amazon, with a small proportion of the panel commenting negatively towards the overall brand. This proportion commented on bad press they have read about bad worker treatment, through zero hour contracts, and tax avoidance. In spite of this, most of this segment still found themselves using Amazon for the convenience.