Amazon Fire Phone Sparks Interest

Amazon are testing the waters with the launch of the new Fire phone, with major competition within the market from Apple and Samsung, we asked our panel of UK consumers what they thought of the phone and whether it is a smartphone they would consider purchasing.

“What a step in technology”

Before recording their video response, our panel members completed a short integrated in-app survey rating the likelihood that their next smartphone device would be the Amazon Fire phone from 1 to 10. As you can see from the below chart, only 9.82% of the panel rated the Amazon Fire with an 8 or above and were considered very likely to purchase the Amazon Fire phone.

Sentiment Analysis:

From the chart below, sentiment analysis appeared to be very favourable for the Amazon Fire phone, with over 76% of the panel commenting positively. Although a number of the panel are worried about the success of the phone, with many mentioning that Amazon are brand new to the smartphone market and do not necessarily trust brand for smartphones.

“Amazon are heading into the smartphone market really late.”
A number of the panel felt that Amazon were entering a market that is already so saturated with the high volume of innovative smartphone. Furthermore Amazon having little to no experience within the smartphone market made a number sceptical to how they will adapt to the market.

Customer loyalty is key.
A number of the panel were considered to be avid Amazon customers, however many felt a sense of loyalty to their current smartphone device, be it an iPhone or Android. iPhone users commented specifically on the ability to sync all their devices together easily. These users commented that they were very happy with their current device, and would be more likely to stick with the same smartphone brand when upgrading instead of trying a completely new phone.

Most of the panel were not considered to be early adopters of new technologies. A large proportion of the panel wanted to see someone they know using the Fire phone first, and receive their honest opinion, before they would consider purchasing it for themselves.

Existing Kindle Fire customers felt that the Amazon App Store does not offer a great range of apps, that definitely did not compete with the likes of their iPhone or Android device. This proportion of the panel felt that this was an area Amazon really need to step up their offering in.

In terms of the design of the phone, a number of the panel liked the slightly bigger screen and the overall look – commenting that it is quite a unique looking device in such a crowded market. Supported by a number of features currently unavailable on any other smartphone, many considered the Amazon Fire smartphone to be an interesting new player in the market.

When it came to pricing, almost the entire panel felt positively. The Amazon Fire smartphone was seen as an attainable piece of technology at a very affordable price. Supported by the use of ‘MayDay’ technology, a number of the panel felt the Fire would make for a great first smartphone for people who are not too tech savvy.
The 3D feature appeared to be most commented on by the panel, many were keen to get their hands on a device and try it out. Many perceived the Amazon Fire phone as an extremely innovative device, but were surprised to see no other smartphone brand had developed similar features. With a number commenting that this really differentiates the Amazon smartphone in an overcrowded market.

A number of the panel commented positively towards the integration between Amazon and the Amazon Fire device, particularly the seamless ability to order a range of products by just taking a picture. However, those who felt negatively towards the Amazon Fire smartphone did not like the tight integration between Amazon and the device, that they were more focussing on pushing their other service offerings rather than focusing on the actual device. Others felt some of the features to be too gimmicky that they did not see themselves regularly using.