Why Should You Choose Mobile Over Online Surveys?

“Mobile respondents were not only more likely to initially respond to the survey invitation, but also provide high quality data”.

A recent uSamp report uncovered the advantages of using mobile surveys over online surveys when it came to research on grocery shopping habits.

It was clear from the report that not only is a mobile survey much more convenient for a user to complete; but it is more engaging for the user and can easily collect in the moment research, that produces far more accurate results that may previously have been missed in online surveys.

Smartphones have now become such a prevalent part of our lifestyles, according to a TNS report, now over 23 million adults in the UK own a smartphone. Supported by recent research from Marketing Charts, that discovered 75% of smartphone users  check their smartphone as soon as they wake up, almost all of those users are then never more than 5 feet away from their smartphone at all times, and 40% of those will check their smartphones every 10 minutes.

With the average person checking their Facebook 14 times a day, it is clear we spend a large proportion of our time checking up on our phone. This is a huge market of consumers essentially waiting for something to happen on their smartphone, so why not push the surveys directly to their phone. Not only does mobile market research provide more honest and rich responses, it allows you to access to consumers life when it’s relevant and timely.

As questions can be sent instantly to a consumer’s device, with a push notification to prompt response, there is no afterthought or hindsight and therefore the research captured is more likely to discover trends different customers’ habits and choices.

At VoxPopMe, we have been discovering a number of ways we can invade the lives of our panel of UK consumers. From snooping inside their fridges, to watching their daily face washing routine, or seeing their most recent clothing purchases – the ability to push questions directly to their smartphone gives you the flexibility to go anywhere with your consumers.

See how VoxPopMe leverages smartphone technology.

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