How could Formula One be improved next season?

We asked the Formula One fans from our panel of UK consumers what they thought of the F1 season so far, and what they felt could be improved for next season.

The majority of the panel, 54.84%, felt that this season was in fact better than the last. This was supported by 48.39% agreeing that the new rule changes this season had made F1 more engaging.

Lisa, from Blyth, said the reason I think I’m enjoying it more this year is because Vettel isn’t winning everything.

Do you think this season so far has been better than last season?

A number of the panel agreed with Lisa, commenting that they are enjoying the competition from Mercedes, and are glad to see there is not one team constantly dominating the top spots. Although, a small proportion wanted to see a budget limit for every Formula One team, so that the winning teams were not always the richest.

Do you think this seasons rule changes have made F1 more exciting?

Combined, over 80% of those surveyed had seen at least two races of the Formula One this season:


How can Formula One be improved for next season?

“Put it back on BBC 1”. Some of the panel wanted to see the Formula One back on BBC1, this was mainly down to the commentating and accessibility of the BBC.

A large proportion of the panel wanted to see Formula One more engaging, in terms of the camera perspectives. Many mentioned using the interactive red button to change camera views, so you could choose to view the race from a camera instead the cars like you are the drivers; others wanted the ability to change which car you are watching at your leisure.

This included an F1 specific smartphone app that allows you to enter into conversations with others about your favourite drivers or favourite cars.

Some of the female members of the panel wanted to see more women part of Formula One, although many felt it was a good start with Suzi Perry, this proportion of the panel also wanted to see women F1 drivers.

When it came to the new engines, there were mixed opinions. A number of the panel wanted the new engines back, as they felt this season was worse due to the lack of engine noise. On the other hand, some saw the need for more environmentally friendly engines and embraced the change.

Alan, from Banstead, wanted to see more points given for overtaking – commenting that overtaking was the best part of F1. Similarly Steve, from Bridlington, felt there should be some sort of tiered system with points so that the races were more engaging for the slower drivers. It appears the panel want more to be done with the points system to make each race a bit more exciting.