Why Haul Videos Are So Popular

By the end of 2013, over 800,000 YouTube videos contained “Haul” in the title. An astoundingly high amount when you consider most of these videos are getting tens of thousands of views.

For those of you who haven’t much heard of hauls; a haul video is normally a self-recorded video posted to YouTube, clearly displaying items recently purchased with a description and pricing. Haul videos tend to come from regular members of the general public. They are just people with an interest in clothing, that regularly purchase clothes; all they need is a webcam and a YouTube account.

What makes them great is you get to see the clothes up close on a real life person modelling them, without having to go out trying the clothes on yourself. Showcasing a much more realistic review of clothing in comparison to online written reviews, or watching a catwalk model on websites like ASOS.

But why are haul videos so popular?

They’re from real people, by nature YouTube hauls appear to be mainly females in their early 20s, nonetheless they are people reviewing and honestly commenting on products that they care about. Unlike faceless reviews, that tend to attract keyboard warriors, on the whole haul videos are positive – no one has said ‘you must buy this product’, these are videos from real people expressing their real love for the clothing they have personally chosen.

The huge amount of users that flood to the latest video hauls is social proof that video is a key part of word of mouth marketing. These ‘haul’ monitors aren’t necessary looking for sponsorship or journalism coverage, they just want to express their passion. Which is nice to see, people promoting companies not for their own personal gain.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to show off their latest clothes. Asking questions like “want to see what I just bought?” or “do you like my new top?” to prompt positive reactions will no longer go on a wasted audience (a bored significant other or friend). Upload a video of that to YouTube, and you could potentially have thousands of new friends that are actually interested.

Chelsea Maughan admitted in an article with Yahoo consumer site Shine, “people are changing the way they research and purchase, and online is an integral part of the shopping process. Haul videos have become a virtual fitting room”.

As a brand, it’s difficult to find advocates that are willing to regularly purchase your clothes and post content; it’s unpredictable word of mouth marketing – of course, unless you are in the market to sponsor.

Where VoxPopMe can help. We have a panel of thousands of consumers, all confident in front of the camera, all regularly purchasing products they would like to share. View below a recent haul-esque campaign we ran with our panel, discovering their recent clothing purchases.

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