What’s Inside Your Fridge?

Being able to understand a consumer’s behavioural habits and psychographics has always been important when creating a product-market fit. Discovering consumers’ usage is extremely potent; how often they use your product and what environment they are in when they use your product or service, enables you to understand how to market your product to get the most out of it.

Video diaries have been a great method of discovery, being able to get inside the consumers households to fully understand their lifestyle. But how do you find consumers willing to have their life invaded with cameras easily? And how expensive is it to collate this sort of research?

VoxPopMe simplifies ethnography. 

Task orientated questions are extremely engaging for consumers, while providing interesting and insightful user-generated content. VoxPopMe provides the ability to easily target thousands of consumers, based on their demographics, revealing their habitual behaviour. We have a number of task-orientated case studies, showcasing ways we have found video diaries to work through VoxPopMe.

Take a look inside the fridges of UK consumers; discover what goes into their weekly shop, their fridge essentials, what they purchase as a treat, and what kind of food they regularly cook and eat. What’s great about this study in particular is every fridge is different, you will see general and popular items, but each fridge is very much individual to the user.

Using video for this type of research provides honest results; each user is showing, without trying to hide, exactly what is in their fridge, including any alcohol or food considered to be unhealthy. Unlike providing lists or selecting tick boxes of what you purchase from the supermarket, there is no cheating, just pure and truthful video content.