Ryanair Need to Improve Their Customer Satisfaction

“Lots of people have lots to say about Ryanair, but really I think they are quite a clever company”

Ryanair ranked as one of the lowest scoring brands by our panel of UK consumers in our recent Net Promoter Score analysis; it appeared when it comes customer satisfaction, there is a lot Ryanair need to improve on.

With an NPS of -60.59, there is an extremely high ratio of detractors to every promoter of the brand. Net Promoter Score is based on the subtraction of the detractors to a brand from the promoters, scores range from -100 to +100 – although brands tend to hover around the 0 mark. Find out more about Net Promoter Scores.

“What you see if what you get”
It seems there are not many surprises when it comes to flying Ryanair, as your basic expectations are met. It’s the no frills airline where you expect to be uncomfortable. However, where a number of the panel felt Ryanair fell down was amongst their price transparency; as many felt after all the extra charges and taxes, there enough of a difference between airline prices to make it worthwhile opting for the lower quality Ryanair flight.

In spite of that, Ryanair was perceived to make travelling aboard more accessible, they travel to a number of different countries, and if you know the right times to book you can get a great deal. The flights run regularly from airports across the UK, which is extremely convenient; although some commented that once you get aboard, the airport Ryanair has flown into is quite out of town.

The customer service was commented on negatively by a large proportion of the panel, that the in-flight experience was not something to recommend. Although, some of the panel disagreed – that if you want the frills and extras of a great flying experience you should be paying more for your flight, at the end of the day Ryanair is a budget airline. However, a number felt an essential to any flight is a bit more leg room – that really Ryanair flights are too cramped even for short flights.