7 Reasons You Should Be Investing In Video

Research is changing. With the adoption of mobile market research, brands and agencies are able to gain instant access to their consumers at any given time. This is an extremely powerful connection that is not yet being utilised by a huge number of businesses. Find out why your company should be investing more in video:

1. The ‘why’ factor. It’s extremely important when conducted research to understand the why behind graphs and statistics. Discover why a consumer feels a certain way by not restricting them to tick boxes. Give them the ability to freely express how they feel, ensuring their expectations are met and maintain their loyalty.

2. Don’t let your consumers remain faceless. For too long surveys have warranted anonymity, but why? How can you tell how your customer is really feeling? Or if the survey is genuine? The voice of the customer has never been so important – let your consumers know you care about them personally.

3. Real time. Research is mobile, don’t be satisfied with follow up questions after consumers have experienced your brand or service – ask them then and there when it’s timely and relevant.

4. Real Life. An extremely high proportion of consumers now come equip with a smartphone. Ethnography simplified. See the habits of consumers through their smartphone camera, capturing a customer’s lifestyle in their house, on the move or out somewhere specific.

5. Be the first port of call. If you’re there, in your consumers’ pocket, ready to listen their recent experiences of your brand, your detractors are more likely to share with you before sharing a bad experience with their friends or social network.

6. Get creative, user-generated content. Customer testimonials have always been key, with word of mouth marketing being the most powerful form of persuasion. Quickly gather fun and engaging video content from your advocates.

7. It makes economic sense. You are able to gather a high volume of content, for any purpose, instantaneously and for a much cheaper cost than survey follow ups or focus groups.

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