The Power of Recommendation in Employee Engagement & Recruitment

VoxPopMe is attending an employee engagement conference this week hosted by Manners and Murphy. Matt Manners, Founder of Manners and Murphy, has written a great post for our blog, commenting on how VoxPopMe could be used to engage on a more personal level with employees and harness their business advocacy. Manners and Murphy enable companies to better understand their employees by putting them at the heart of their business. Find out more about Manners and Murphy.

Research published in the 2013 Manners & Murphy Employee Engagement Report highlighted that 88% of those surveyed (2,000) in the UK would be influenced by a positive recommendation when choosing a place to work. 88%! Now whilst this might not come as a shock to some, what shocks me, is that probably 88% of businesses aren’t actively harnessing and utilising their employee advocacy to help attract and keep their best talent.

At M&M we are continuously identifying employee advocates/promoters within businesses through eNPS (Employee Net Promoter). These advocates have a few key behaviours – they want to give you feedback, help you improve and tell everyone they know what a great a place to work the business is. Yet this advocacy is not harnessed.

If it is harnesses, then it’s usually through some ingenuous written endorsements to be published online somewhere or in a printed brochure that is out of date overnight. If this sounds all too familiar and you want to fix it. Bypass the above and a few other steps and go straight to VPM, a cutting edge, powerful and effective way to capture advocacy to use internally and externally.

Having media trained sports stars and CEOs all over the world, the first thing I always tell everyone is when one communicates, it’s 55% body language, 33% tone and 8% the message that the recipient takes in. So people notice and care more about how you look and how you say it than what you actually say.

Faceless, inhuman endorsements (no matter how good or how many) listed on your webpage will not even come close to the impact of short videos of enthusiastic smiling members of staff who genuinely appears to love to work for the business. Still not convinced? Did you know YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the world? Why? Video makes more of an impact.

And before you think it sounds complicated and expensive, imagine Survey Monkey with video. It’s that simple. That affordable. But delivers much more.

Want to stop walking past all those employee advocates? The people who love working for you and want to shout it from the rooftops? Well give them a voice, a video and let them help your business and you look amazing in the process.