Market Research in the Mobile World Interview

The Market Research in the Mobile World takes place in Chicago every year, a place for the best in the mobile market research industry to meet and discover the latest innovations and technologies. Our CEO and Founder, Dave Carruthers, attended the conference this year.

Held between 27th and 30th May, supported by Kantar Worldwide, the conference featured a number of talks and workshops around the innovations within mobile market research.

Take a look at this short interview with Dave and Jack Ramsay from Vision Live:

Of course, we’ve transcribed the interview:

My name is Dave Carruthers, and I’m from VoxPopMe. We’re a new start-up on the market research scene, which is why we are here. We’ve been going for 12 months now, we’ve raised $800,000 of funding in the last year. Essentially we focus on video, we really believe that video is the future of market research, capturing that in the moment, real time feedback and insight. So we’re doing a lot of work helping brand capture that video.

Users record minimum 15 and maximum 60 second videos, we find that that is the optimal time to get something out of the user. It’s been discussed quite a lot here already; the more questions you are asking, the weaker the response starts to get. Any longer than 60 seconds the data starts to become unreliable. We think it’s kind of the optimum time for a recorded response.

I think it’s been great to see how many tech innovations are working in the market research industry, and it’s always kind of got a bit of slack as not being the fastest industry to adopt. There was a couple of sessions on that. I did the pre-conference work shop, things like the wearable, and quantified sales, also passive monitoring – what people are actually doing on their smartphones. Obviously it’s about mobile, this event, geo-video. It’s a really exciting time. It’s really great to see so many tech companies, and market research companies coming together and actually achieving some great things.

We can of stumbled into market research by accident. We just kind of saw a problem with the collection of video, and the reason we are here is to understand more about the industry and develop the market research side of our company. I think the industry it has been guilty, and people are still saying ‘Oh we’ve switched to mobile, we’ve taken a 40 minute survey and put it on a mobile device’. That isn’t innovating, that’s just changing the form factor.

I think it’s new tech, so it calls for new methodologies. Also some really hit the nail on the head; clients want things quicker and they want things cheaper, whereas before they wanted 95% that they were right, they’re happy to accept 85-80% if they can get it quicker and cheaper. I think with some of the technologies and innovations, that’s what is happening.”