How UK Consumers Perceive the Chrysler Brand

The Chrysler brand didn’t seem to be a big hit with UK consumers; although many associated the brand with good quality, there was only a very low percentage of the panel that would recommend the Chrysler brand to a friend or family member.

Interestingly, the proportion of the panel that were considered promoters to the Chrysler brand had first hand experience with the brand; either owning one, or closely knowing a Chrysler owner. This segment of the panel were impressed by the drive of the car, the durability and impressed with how spacious they are.

A number of the panel referred to Chrysler cars as unique, with a very distinctive design in comparison to a number of cars on the road; described as a ‘great family car’ and very sophisticated. It seems for a number of our panel, the Chrysler brand represents status.


What the promoters had to say:

It seemed that a considerable amount of the detractors to the brand would not recommend Chrysler because they didn’t know too much about Chrysler cars overall. Net Promoter Score analysis is based on how likely a consumer is to recommend the brand to a friend or relative, and therefore staking their reputation for the brand. This could be why Chryslar has such a low score, as the brand is not as established in the homes of many UK consumers. A consumer is not likely to recommend a brand they have little to no experience with. Find out more about Net Promoter Scores.

However, there were some areas our panel felt Chrysler could improve. A small proportion of the panel did not like the design of Chrysler cars, feeling they were just too big and too bulky, that none of the cars appealed to their tastes.

What the detractors had to say:

Overall, it seemed Chrysler simply need to invest more into the UK market to become that automotive household brand. Most of the panel perceived Chrysler as purely an American brand, finding not too much of a brand presence on UK roads. Others commented that they did not have a Chrysler dealership nearby, therefore it had never been a brand to cross their minds.

When surveyed, our VoxPopMe panel scored Chrysler relatively averagely when it came to the design, desirability and quality of their cars. Although it is clear in the eyes of the consumer that their quality is Chrysler’s strongest point. The scores below are rated from 0 to 100.