European Election Results: The Public Opinion

As Nigel Farage celebrates his European victory, we asked our panel what they thought of the election results, and whether they were happy to see UKIP taking the highest number of seats representing the UK.

On the whole, the general public had a mixed opinion on UKIP taking more seats than any other party in the European elections. Although the majority of the panel recognised a UKIP vote as a ‘protest vote’, as many are not happy with the current top 3 parties, feeling that UKIP would at least shake things up in UK politics.

Many felt that in spite of UKIP’s success in the European elections, this will not be followed by success in the general elections. There was a overall feeling of concern that there was such a high proportion of the UK public that did not use their vote.

See below what our panel think of the results:

  • Jay 30 Years Old

  • Siobhan 25 Years Old

  • Amanda 61 Years Old

  • Leroy 48 Years Old

  • Paul 26 Years Old

  • John 71 Years Old

  • Andrew 56 Years Old

  • Kat 35 Years Old

  • Laura 43 Years Old

  • Hannah 34 Years Old

  • mo 40 Years Old

  • Paul 42 Years Old

  • Tom 28 Years Old

  • Nimai 24 Years Old

  • Christopher 37 Years Old