Wall’s Ice Cream Say Goodbye to Serious

The most recent advertising campaign from Wall’s Ice cream has left a great lasting impression.

“I really, really like the Wall’s ice cream advert, to the point where I actually laughed out loud”.

This comical advert begins with quite a serious and boring situation – somewhat disconnected from ice cream. As the advert progresses, we see the serious situation break down into a Salt-N-Pepa collab between the nations.

Take a look at the advert:

The advert was described by Nikki, from Norwich, as “one of those advert I think I’d enjoy watching again”. Which seemed to be the general consensus of the panel, that the advert was light-hearted and memorable – but an advert that has virality and that shareability factor.

  • Simon 49 Years Old

  • Melanie 52 Years Old

  • Lou 41 Years Old

A large proportion of the panel liked that the United Kingdom were the country getting it wrong, and being out of tune – they were more than happy to be the butt of the joke.

  • Apple 22 Years Old

  • Philip 28 Years Old

  • Andy 21 Years Old

An original and unexpected advert that definitely promoted the Wall’s ice cream brand in a good way. Although some of the panel felt that there could have been more action in the advert, or more of a focus on their product offering. But on the whole our panel liked the way the advert was aimed at them, that ice cream is not just for kids. Finding it very topical, between the ice cream eating weather we have recently had and the current elections that are taking place.

  • Isobel 22 Years Old

  • Susie 29 Years Old

  • Ellen 21 Years Old