EU Elections 2014: The Public Consensus

As polling stations open this morning for local and European elections, we asked the UK public who they would like to see take the majority of the 73 seats representing UK and which party they would not. Unsurprisingly UKip have been causing a stir amongst our panel, with strong views either side.

Nigel Farage believes there will be victory for UKip, one thing’s for sure – everyone will be talking about UKip. Discover below some of the advocates for each political party from our panel, with the reasons for their favoured party.

The panel in favour of UKip felt that a lot of what the party stand for is making a lot of sense at the moment; more specifically in terms of being part of the EU and the immigration laws that are attached. The general feeling is that UK needs change, and on the whole a lot of voters have lost faith in the main three poltical parties. Voters appear to be falling into the arms of UKip as they want to see someone to stir things up and make a change. On the whole the majority of our panel wanted to stay part of the EU.

The other end of the spectrum saw many voters sticking to their favoured political party, with those commented they would not like to see UKip take any seats. Overall, voters have lost some of the faith they had in the Lib Dems – however a small proportion felt they would still be supporting the Liberal Democrats as they were the only party still fully in favour of remaining part of the EU.




Voters supporting other parties: